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At Rx Health and Wellness, our line of services are best-suited to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Our years of experience, knowledge, and dedication to our patients have all contributed to the services we now offer our patients. Your health, happiness, confidence, and determination are important to us and our staff is poised to help you succeed. With the aid of our offerings, a healthier, happier you are on the horizon.

Our Services

Metabolic Testing

By measuring your RMR or Resting Metabolic Rate, our clinical weight loss providers are able to gain insight into how your body is currently functioning. Armed with this information, your chances of success increase due to knowing how your body is able to metabolize your current diet.

Body Composition

Measuring your current body composition using 3d Fit Body Scan technology thanks to Fit3D, your baseline body structure is recorded. Throughout your custom weight loss program, our providers can reference this information to provide true insight into how you are progressing. 

Weight Management

Our base offering is geared to help you set, meet, and maintain your weight loss goals. By combining weight management with a variety of our other services, our providers help you start your weight loss journey on the right foot.

Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle is a major factor in weight management. Our providers can help you analyze and work to improve your choices.

Fitness & Nutrition

Time and again, you have heard that being active and eating right will help you lose weight. What does it mean to be active and eat right? Our providers can help you find out.

Hormone Replacement

Weight or health issues can be symptoms of an underlying issue that may need alternative treatment. Our providers can help you determine if this would be right for you.

Preventative Visits

If you feel that you are right where you want to be, then don’t be shy! We also offer visits focused on helping you stay where you are and providing any support you may feel you need.

Virtual Visits

During these uncertain times, we know that making it to the office for your appointment is not always possible. Have no fear! We offer virtual visits to help you stay on the right weight loss path.

Fitness Partners

Teaming up with fitness providers and fitness groups in the local area has allowed our patients an easier transition into becoming and remaining active. 

Pediatric Services

Those little loved ones in our lives are susceptible to poor choices that can echo throughout their lives. Habits developed in childhood are a leading indicator for future health. Our providers can help your mini-me form healthy habits early on to stay healthy.

Rx Health & Wellness

Proven Weight Loss Tools

At Rx Health and Wellness, we offer access to proven weight loss tools to help you become a healthier happier you. You can consider us as your personal cheerleaders as you travel your weight loss path. Through years of medical training and practice, we have seen the problems that poor health, obesity, and lifestyle can lead to. We provide a long-term lookout on your current path and help you to make the necessary changes to achieve the future body and life that you want to achieve.

Built for you from the ground up

Custom Weight Loss Programs

Our custom weight loss programs use the highest quality data, provided by our testing, knowledge, and conversations with you, to provide a roadmap to losing unwanted and unhealthy weight. Your future is filled with confidence with us helping you set, maintain, and surpass realistic goals that will not endanger your health or happiness.

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From The Bedside: Protein

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Jayme and Kristina are amazing! A couple of the smartest and most caring providers I have ever met.


“Very Professional and clean facility.
Most importantly the knowledge that Jayme and Kristina will educate you on will let you know they care about each patient. RX Health focuses on your individual needs and spends the time to figure out a lifestyle change.


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with these wonderful people for years. Their compassion, knowledge, and expertise are evident in everything they do. If you’re looking for healthcare providers that truly care and want health and happiness for their patients, then look no further.”


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