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At Rx Health and Wellness, we offer a range of services aimed at helping you achieve your weight loss goals. In meeting with our providers, considerations are given to which services can best help you on your weight loss journey.

Fitness & Nutrition

An active lifestyle is a must to help achieve your weight loss goals. At Rx Health and Wellness, we have partnered with fitness facilities to offer special rates and free services. Through your personalized weight loss program, we use our knowledge of diseases and medicine to provide guidelines for fitness.

Rx Health & Wellness offers as one of its services access to nutrition education as well as access to local fitness programs through special rates and free services that are available to our patients. No one nutrition or fitness plan is good for everyone and we know this, therefore we utilize knowledge of diseases and medicine to provide you the best plan for you.


Come Visit

Visit with our staff to find out how we can best help you throught your weight loss journey. From identifying goals, following through, keeping you motivated, or helping you maintain your weight, our staff is available to you no matter your circumstance.


Ask Questions

Our staff is available to answer any question you may have regarding our weight management service or anything related to your weight loss program or goals. Also please be sure to ask about our other services and how they can better assist you on your weight loss journey.


Set Goals

Our providers help you set realistic weight loss goals. Your health and happiness are our primary concern and our staff has extensive experience in the weight loss and lifestyle medicine fields. Our expertise is at your disposal.

Other Services

Weight Management

Lifestyle Medicine

Hormone Replacement

Preventative Visits

Metabolic Testing

Body Composition

Virtual Visits

Fitness Partners

Pediatric Services

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