As the most innovative Weight Loss Clinic in Owasso, Bartlesville, and Catoosa, OK, we’re committed to going above and beyond to provide our clients with the professional care, management, and support they need. We know it takes more than just a pill to result in weight loss that our patients are looking for. The goal for our Weight Loss Clinic is to provide comprehensive care that goes beyond traditional medication management by utilizing and providing multiple proven tools to empower our weight loss and clinic patients to help create a healthier self. Our highly experienced staff and extensive services are tailored to each individual to help achieve whatever weight loss goals they have. 

Our Services

We offer services that are proven contributors to weight loss and lifestyle change. In each of our visits with you, we focus on achieving an understanding as to where you are, how you feel, where you would like to be, and how we can help you get there. Our goals are your goals. Please don’t hesitate to ask about anything not listed. We are here for you, our patients.

Weight Management

Lifestyle Medicine

Fitness & Nutrition

Hormone Replacement

Preventative Visits

Metabolic Testing

Body Composition

Virtual Visits

Fitness Partners

Pediatric Services

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Rx Health & Wellness

Proven Weight Loss Tools

At Rx Health and Wellness, we offer access to proven weight loss tools to help you become a healthier happier you. You can consider us as your personal cheerleaders as you travel your weight loss path. Through years of medical training and practice, we have seen the problems that poor health, obesity, and lifestyle can lead to. We provide a long-term lookout on your current path and help you to make the necessary changes to achieve the future body and life that you want to achieve.

Built for you from the ground up

Custom Weight Loss Programs

Our custom weight loss programs use the highest quality data, provided by our testing, knowledge, and conversations with you, to provide a roadmap to losing unwanted and unhealthy weight. Your future is filled with confidence with us helping you set, maintain, and surpass realistic goals that will not endanger your health or happiness.

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Jayme and Kristina are amazing! A couple of the smartest and most caring providers I have ever met.


“Very Professional and clean facility.
Most importantly the knowledge that Jayme and Kristina will educate you on will let you know they care about each patient. RX Health focuses on your individual needs and spends the time to figure out a lifestyle change.


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with these wonderful people for years. Their compassion, knowledge, and expertise are evident in everything they do. If you’re looking for healthcare providers that truly care and want health and happiness for their patients, then look no further.”


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